Our Environment

Minnetonka is known for our beautiful parks and green spaces.  We are responsible for ensuring that these resources are preserved for future generations.  This means we must engage in thoughtful stewardship of our resources and encourage environmentally responsible behavior in our community.


Vital cities include housing options for people at all stages of their lives.   It is not right that people who work in our community – our teachers, firefighters and police officers – cannot afford to live here.   With so many innovative approaches to starter housing and new housing options emerging across the nation, Minnetonka has a wealth of potential innovations from which to choose so that all of us have options.  

Social Justice

Minnetonka aspires to be an inclusive community committed to excellence where all residents, workers and visitors are welcome.  We can achieve this goal by assuring that we all have the necessary resources.  By identifying the barriers that exclude some people from this mission, we can work together to make success more likely for everyone. 


League of Women Voters Forum (City Council starts at 24.05) –

2021 Minnetonka Candidate Questionnaire – Introductory Google Doc (Explanation of questionnaire with links to candidate answers)

We can do better together.