Jen Bouchard
“As a longtime member of our community, Kimberly has a deep understanding of where Minnetonka has been and where we need to go. Her unique perspective as a scientist, organizer, and parent will be incredibly valuable as we work together to create a Minnetonka where each community member has what they need to thrive. I know that I will be able to count on Kimberly to lead on issues like climate, racial justice, community safety, housing diversity, and creating an authentically inclusive city government.”

- Jen Westmoreland Bouchard, Hopkins School Board Chair and Minnetonka Resident

Kissy Coakley
Kimberly has something to offer, she knows what it takes to keep pushing and organizing for what she believes in, Kimberly has been here before and she is not afraid to keep going pushing and organizing for our community needs. Kimberly will bring a well-rounded perspective, well-thought-out solutions, and a much-needed voice. Please join me in supporting Kimberly Wilburn for Minnetonka At-Large Seat B

- Minnetonka Council Member Kissy Coakley, 4th Ward